Please find below information about careers with Nuttersons and our application and interview processes.


Where are you based?
We are based in Manchester City Centre. Our office is on St John Street, a Georgian street, just off Deansgate.

What's the area like?
Manchester the second largest city for business in the UK. Central Manchester is home to a fast growing media and creative industry. Our position in central Manchester means there are many amazing amenities for you to take advantage of.

What are the offices like?
Our office is very homely. We have made it as comfortable as possible. We have a Willy Wonka inspired kitchen, a rustic farmhouse dining / meeting room, an old fashioned lounge with chesterfields and a log fireplace, and a modern open plan work area with collaborative informal meeting spaces.

Is there a dress code in the office?
We want our staff to look professional at all times and encourage them to express their creativity. Most of the candidates we interview will attend in a suit. Download our dress code.

What is the culture like at Nuttersons?
Please read more about our culture on our life at Nuttersons section.

How can I contact you?
You can call us on 0161 883 1122, email us on office@nuttersons.co.uk or use our contact form on our website.

Do you look for candidates with a particular type of background?
No we don't look for candidates from any particular backgrounds. We have people from all kinds of backgrounds. We believe having people from diverse backgrounds adds more creativity to our team.

Do you look for candidates with a particular type of attributes?
Yes, we want to hire people that share our core values. For more information on who we look for please see our what we look for page.

Apart from salary what benefits do you offer?
We offer a great working environment, the opportunity to work with great people, a relaxed working atmosphere, lots of opportunities for personal development and career growth, we also provide all team members with a performance based bonus twice annually.

Do you provide opportunities for developing my career?
Yes we are growing rapidly and a lot of this growth is a result of our staff taking on more responsibilities, developing new idea, starting new services and growing the business organically. When we recruit we look for high achievers and people with ambitions to achieve the best. We therefore make sure we can give people with the opportunities they desire for developing their careers.

What skills and qualifications do you require?
The skills and qualifications we require depend on the role. Some roles may require no specific skills or qualifications whereas other may require both specific skills and qualifications. No matter what skills or qualification are required, all roles demand specific attributes motivation, ambition and passionate.

Is a degree required to work at Nuttersons?
No you won't require a degree to work at Nuttersons. However some jobs may require a degree. If a role requires a degree it will be stated in the essential section on the person requirement form. The roles requiring a degree are usually the roles for new graduate. When recruiting experienced professionals we look at both qualifications and experience.

How old do you have to be to work at Nuttersons?
We recruit candidates of all ages starting from school leaver age. For full-time jobs, applicants must be at least 16 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

What will be my annual leave entitlement?
20 days plus public holidays. You also have the opportunity to purchase extra holiday.

What are the working hours?
Your contracted hours will be 42.5 hours per week. In practice, and out of choice, most people work slightly more than this. However, our working hours are pretty flexible so, as long as you get the work done (and do it well), you don't have to stick to the normal 9 - 5.30 routine.

How much responsibility can I expect when I start?
You will be given real responsibility from day one. You will ensure you have a development plan that is tailored to you. There will be a supportive team around you and you'll never be left 'on your own'.

Do you recruit for part-time positions?
Yes, if a position is part-time it will be advertised as such.

How to you define 'Professionals'?
We consider a "professional" to be anyone interested in a career who has relevant industry experience. A 'professional' is someone who has already been working in a role similar to that which they wish to apply.

How to you define 'Graduate'?
We consider a "Graduate" to be someone who has recently completed a BSc, BA, Masters degree or similar. We also welcome applicants to our graduate programme from students that are due to graduate shortly.

How to you define 'Undergraduate'?
We consider an "Undergraduate" to be someone who is currently enrolled on a BSc, BA, Masters degree or similar.

How to you define 'Apprentice'?
We consider an "Apprentice" to be someone who wishes to start their career with us at an entry level position and work their way up. Apprentices work for us on a full time basis and receive a '120 per week training allowance. Apprentices will also be working towards a national qualification in their area of speciality. The apprenticeship lasts for 12 months at the end of which the apprentice can be expected to be offered a full time role. Most of the applications we receive for apprenticeships are from students that have recently completed their GCSE's and / or A Levels. There are however no age limits to apprenticeships and we welcome applications from all ages.

How to you define 'Intern'?
We consider an "Intern" to be someone who is looking to gain experience within the creative industry. Interns at Nuttersons are essentially voluntary positions where interns get experience within the creative industry, discover if it's the career for them and make themselves more employable. At Nuttersons application for interns usually come from young adults at the start of their careers, however, we welcome applications from older adults also who may not be at the start of their working life.

I graduated last year, am I still eligible to apply?
Yes. Our Graduate openings are open to all graduates.

What is the stating salary for graduate roles?
The salary varies dependant on role. Graduate salaries start from around £16,000 plus bonuses. Pay is expected to be reviewed and increased twice within the first 12 months.

I would like to be paid more. How flexible is the salary?
Our graduate positions have a fixed starting salary dependant on role. We do review pay regularly and expect people's salaries to increase as they take on additional responsibility and add more value to Nuttersons.

Do you provide work experience or university placements?
We provide internships that last for 8-12 weeks and sandwich year placements that last for 9 ' 12 months.


What is the recruitment process?
Our recruitment process is usually the following: Submit application online or via email > Shortlisting > Initial interview > Final Interview.

What is the best way to apply for a job at Nuttersons?
The best way to apply for a job at Nuttersons is via our website. Have a look at what's available in our current vacancies. To apply for any of the vacancies please complete the online form attaching your CV and any other relevant documents. We may also advertise our vacancies on numerous job sites. If you are applying for one of our vacancies on one of these job sites please follow the application process as defined by the site. Please note all our vacancies will be advertised on our careers section as well as other job sites.

If we do not have any vacancies in the area you are interested we encourage you register your interest and we will let you know when we have something available. If you would rather send us your CV please email office@nuttersons.co.uk

Please note we do not use recruitment agencies.

What will you look for in an application?
When shortlisting candidates we only interview candidates that meet all the requirements of the personal specification. We also look for individuals that we can feel will add value to our business. We are a creative agency and we give merit to those who demonstrate their creativity on their application.

How do I make my CV stand out?
Being a creative agency we are see a broad spectrum of CVs. The most important thing is get the information across to us in a clear and concise way. We appreciate looking at a CV that is organised and easy to read quickly. We believe the best CVs are never more than two pages. A CV let us see how you organise information and highlight important details within a limited space. It should go without saying but ensure your CV is factual accurate and does not contain any typos or poor grammar.

If you are applying for a design / creative role we would expect to see an element of creativity in your CV. How you achieve this is up to you.

Please remember your CV may be viewed on different devises / browsers and platforms. We want to look at your CV as you intended it to be viewed so we recommend you submit your CV in a PDF format.

Do I need to send a cover letter?
You don't need to send a cover letter but it is recommended that you do. Use your cover letter to provide us with a little background information about yourself and tell us why you would like to work for us. If you are applying through our online form please ensure that you upload all documents in one zip file.

I am applying for a design related role can I include my portfolio?
If applying for a design role we would expect your CV to include a link to your online portfolio.

I am applying for a development / engineering related role can I upload my portfolio?
If applying for a development / engineering related role we would expect your CV to include a link to your online portfolio.

I have applied for a job at Nuttersons - will I receive a response?
If you apply through our website you will receive an automated acknowledgement. If you email your application you will receive a personal acknowledgement. If you apply through a careers / job site you should receive an acknowledgment from that site, we do not provide additional acknowledgement.

How will I know if I have been selected for interview?
If you are shortlisted for interview you will be contacted by phone or email. Unfortunately due to the number of applications we receive we are unable to contact, or to provide feedback, to those who have not been shortlisted for interview.

If the position I am looking for isn't currently being advertised can I apply anyway?
If we do not have any vacancies in the area you are interested we encourage you register your interest and we will let you know when we have something available. If you would rather send us your CV please email office@nuttersons.co.uk

Are there academic grade requirements for eligibility?
This depends on the vacancy. For the majority of vacancies no academic grades are required. We are however looking for people that can demonstrate their intelligence and problem solving skills. Being able to communicate verbally and in writing is also very important. For some vacancies, for example, graduate vacancies, we do require academic requirements usually in the form of a degree. During the application process we are looking for people who share our values, and have the required skills and attributes to work in a creative environment. We are also looking for individuals that are passionate about developing their career at Nuttersons.

Once I've submitted an application, when will I hear from you?
You should receive an acknowledgement within 2 working days. We review your applications after the closing and then contact shortlisted candidates to invite them to interview. If you have applied to a vacancy where no closing date is stated we will contact you if you are successfully shortlisted for interview.

Do I have to apply online?
We strongly encourage candidates to apply online or via email. If you apply via post your application will be scanned and processed online.

I applied for a job, but have not yet heard back from HR. What should I do?
Once you have successfully submitted an application you should receive an acknowledgement. We will only contact you again if you have been shortlisted for interview. Therefore, it is important that you frequently check your email (and "spam" folder) to ensure that you're not missing any important messages, please also make sure the number listed on your CV is able to receive voicemails and is regularly checked.

Will I receive feedback on my application?
We really appreciate everyone's time, but with so many applications, we can only give feedback to those who have attended an interview.

Who has access to my details once I've applied?
The only people that will have access to your details are our HR department and anyone We store all candidate details on a central database where they are kept for three years, unless we receive a written request by an individual to delete their personal record. These records enable us to search against candidate profiles with specific skill sets, should we identify specific recruitment needs in the future.

Do you accept speculative applications?
Yes, we do. Please register your interest here.


How should I get ready for the interview?
Please see our interview tips for more information on how to prepare for your interview.

What happens if I cannot attend the interview?
Unfortunately it is likely that you will not be able to progress with your application as we are not able to be flexible with dates.

What happens in the interview?
Our interviews are based around the core competencies and values you will need to work with us in your chosen role as outlined in the person specification. The interview process usually consists of two rounds of interviews before final decisions are made.

On the first round we will expect you to demonstrate an understanding of the role you're applying to and the work you'll be doing. We'd also like you to tell us why you want to work with ourselves. We will also review your past experiences and may test your technical skills.

The second round of our interview process is used to differentiate between the best candidates from round one. The second round may involve more technical questions, it may require you to complete a short presentation or demonstrate your skills. Often in the second round you will asked to complete a variety of short test that measure skills such as verbal and numerical reasoning.

When can I expect to receive an offer?
We aim to get back to all candidates within one week of their interview. We will inform you of our decision by email or telephone. Unsuccessful candidates are offered the opportunity to receive feedback.

If I'm made an offer how long do I have to decide?
There is some flexibility. We will keep in touch with you in case you have any questions, or would like to come back for a more informal visit. If you require more time please discuss the timeframe with your recruitment contact.

Can I defer my start date?
If you want to defer your start date please mention that this is what you wish to do when you apply and we'll take this into consideration.

For recruitment agencies

Does Nuttersons advertise vacancies with recruitment agencies?
No we do not use recruitment agencies. We use our own HR and recruitment teams. We do not use agencies for any of our vacancies.

How can recruitment agencies work with Nuttersons?
At the moment they cannot. We don't work with agencies and we are not looking to make any changes to our recruitment process.

I have an amazing candidate I think you will love and/or I think our agency can improve your recruitment process should I contact you and how?
We would prefer you did not contact us. If you choose to ignore this please contact us via email not phone. Please do not expect a response.

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